Temporary Suspension of Disconnects Will End May 14th

Posted: May 6, 2020 at 7:00 am

The 60-day temporary suspension of disconnects will end May 14th. If you have experienced economic hardship due to Covid-19, please call our office to discuss your arrangement options. While any past due amounts will remain due, the arrangements are our effort to ease the burden for our members over time. Please don’t forget your current bill needs to be paid by the due date. Give us a call at (662) 234-6331 to decide if an arrangement works best for you. Additionally, our state is receiving funds to programs that aid in paying utility bills for emergency situations. Members are encouraged to apply with state agencies such as LIFT, Inc. as soon as possible.

NEMEPA does not offer an in-house assistance program, however, we do work closely with the following organizations: