Kids Learning Area

Tennessee Valley Authority Kids Page

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Kids Page features a new site design and a number of interactive features—including a cool new game called “Beat the Power Bandit.” Students can take a video tour of TVA’s wind power site, access a wide range of information in the “Homework Helpers” section, and learn about conserving energy at home and at school. The site also features science fair ideas that may be of interest to parents and curriculum materials for teachers.

Energy Kids Page

Energy Kids Page is the U.S. Department of Energy Web site for kids. Energy Ant was created in May 1975 by the Federal Energy Administration, the Department of Energy’s predecessor, to tell kids about energy and how to use it wisely. We thought it would be fun to bring him back as a guide to the Energy Kids website and as an ambassador for energy information.

Energy Hog

An interactive web site for kids to learn about conserving energy. This web page features scavenger hunts, information for teachers and parents, training games, and more.