Billing Options

North East Mississippi Electric Power Association (NEMEPA) maintains an automated metering infrastructure (AMI) system. Meters are read daily using signals transmitted through the same power lines providing electricity. Because of this technology, NEMEPA is able to offer members more billing and payment options.


Take control of how and when you pay your electric bill.

New Account

Service Prepay Account Traditional Account
Membership Fee $10 $10
Deposit $25 $80, $200 or $400 (Based on Credit Check)
Service Charge $40 $40
Starting Credit $50 (suggest keeping $20 credit at all times) Not on this type of account
Daily Charge Calculated daily based on the most accurate reading available. We receive daily readings from our Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). Sometimes an estimated reading is necessary. Calculated monthly
Monthly Bill
(final bill will be mailed)
Will not receive a Monthly Bill (only daily notifications)
Calculated at the end of each month the same
way as a traditional account. PrePay balance
will be adjusted if needed.
Will receive a monthly bill
Due Date Must maintain a credit balance at all times Fixed due date
Alerts & Reminders
(can be managed online)
Text message and/or email will be set up at the time your power is connected. Push notification can be received through our mobile app for iPhones/androids. May set up online

Existing Account

  • Members wanting to convert their account to prepay must pay all preexisting fees and current account balances in full.
  • Unbilled usage must also be paid in full or converted to debt management. If the amount is transferred to Debt Management, 25% of all future payments will go towards paying off that amount until paid in full.
  • Members may choose to have existing deposits applied (when applicable) to account balances and/or their prepay account credit.
  • An account must have at least a $50 credit to begin prepay billing.

Once you’re set up, it’s up to you to maintain a credit balance. Your account will be charged for your usage every day just like you use the gas in your car.

Make payments with cash, check, or credit cards (MasterCard or Visa) at our office during normal business hours. Make payments 24 hours a day online with check or credit card, or by phone using a credit card. You can access your account online anytime on our website. You can also call (662) 234-6331 or (877) 234-6331 to check your balance 24 hours a day. Smart Phone Apps are available.

Current NEMEPA accounts on bank draft, levelized billing, or that have a loan such as heat pump loans, are not eligible for prepay. Members who choose to switch from prepay to a traditional billing account (whether they have previously had a traditional account or not) will be subject to applicable online credit checks and security deposits and any outstanding debt must be paid in full. Prepay accounts that fall to a balance of $0 are subject to be disconnected. It is the member’s responsibility to monitor his or her usage and to keep the account balance above $0. Talk to a customer service representative for more details.

Note: Your wireless carrier’s standard message and data rates may apply.

Levelized Billing

Levelized billing uses a rolling twelve-month average of electric usage to calculate the bill. Each month, a new average is calculated using the previous eleven month’s usage along with the current month. Although the bill amount changes each month, the change is small and helps reduce the impact of drastic weather changes. Customers still see their usage on the bill each month, but only pay the average amount. The only time the account will have to be reconciled is when it is disconnected or removed from the program.

Members must have a minimum of 12 months of payment history to qualify for levelized billing. The account must have a zero balance at the time levelized billing begins. Any time the levelized amount is not paid in full before the due date, the account will automatically be removed from the program. There is no charge to have levelized billing turned on.

Note: Levelized billing is only available to residential customers.

Coordinated Billing

To assist members on fixed incomes, NEMEPA offers the Coordinated Billing Program. The program allows qualifying members a choice of either the 5th or the 20th as the due date for their electric bills. For more details view our Coordinated Billing Program (PDF).

Large Consumers

The majority of our business customers are large consumers. Because of this, the monthly billing period for the retail bill must correspond with the billing period for NEMEPA’s wholesale bill. The billing periods for large consumers start on the first of each month and end on the last day of the month.

Invoice Billing

Invoice billing is for customers that have multiple accounts but only want to get one bill. The invoice bill will list all accounts with the same membership number and due date.

It is very important for customers with accounts on invoice billing to specify the invoice number instead of the individual account numbers when paying. Invoice billing works best for customers paying the exact amount of the invoice each month.

View an example of a regular electric bill by visiting our About Your Bill page.