Transfer/Disconnect Power

Transfer Request

Existing members of North East Mississippi Electric Power Association (NEMEPA) can have their deposit and membership transferred when moving, as long as their new location is served by NEMEPA. Before a transfer can take place, all past due amounts for the current location must be paid in full. The current and final bills for the existing location may be transferred to the new location.

You will receive a new account number. Members using our Auto Pay option will need to log into our member services portal and set up auto pay for the new account number. Please be sure to update your account number if you pay your electric bill through a service other than the options provided by NEMEPA.

Transfer requests may be completed online.

Transfer Service Form

Members may also print the Transfer Request Form (PDF) and return it to NEMEPA personally, by sending us an email, or by faxing the application to the Service Department fax number at (662) 236-6751.

Note: Only the current member can request a transfer. If the current member is no longer responsible for the bill, the current member must complete a disconnect request to have their membership and deposit refunded. A new application should be completed by the person assuming responsibility for the bill at the new location.

Disconnect Request

Note: Disconnect requests must include a forwarding address. Requests are entered upon receipt. Once entered, the address on the account will be changed to the forwarding address.

Disconnect requests cannot be taken over the phone. Disconnect requests may be completed online.

Disconnect Form

Members may also print the Disconnect Request Form (PDF) and return it to NEMEPA personally, or by sending us an email with the completed form attached.