Report a Power Outage

power outage portal
Click on image to go to our power outage portal.

See current power outages and report your power outage through our power outage portal, by text or please call (662) 234-6331 / (877) 234-6331 to report an power outage.

Note: Please have your account number or telephone number associated with your account ready.

North East Mississippi Electric Power Association (NEMEPA) has an automated power outage-reporting system, allowing several members the ability to report their power outage at once. Once the power outage is reported, the system displays all calls on a map and begins predicting the device that has tripped. This allows the dispatcher to quickly route linemen to the troubled area.

The power outage system recognizes the caller ID of the phone placing the call and attempts to match the number with an existing account. If no match is found, the system will ask for an account number or phone number associated with the location experiencing the problem. Once the system finds a valid account, the system will read back the service address and ask for verification. If no account is located, you will be routed to a customer service representative or asked to leave the information on a recording. Once verified, the system will ask if you have any additional information about the power outage. If so, you will be routed to one of our customer service representatives during normal business hours. After hours, you will be asked to leave a message with additional information. Please be sure to leave a phone number where you can be reached. Someone should contact you in a reasonable amount of time. To assist in allowing customers who may know the cause of the power outage to get through, please only leave a message if you have important information.