Does North East Mississippi Electric Power Association (NEMEPA) have any type of assistance program available to help me with my bill?
NEMEPA does not offer an in-house assistance program, however, we do work closely with the following organizations:

Is this the only location to pay my bill?
NEMEPA only maintains one central office. Online payment options are offered to all customers.  Applications for service can be completed online.
What options do I have for paying my bill?
There are several different options in which payments can be made. Visit our Payment Options page for more details.
Can I get an extension on my bill?
Yes, we do offer extensions. Customers may sign an extension for up to 21 days from the due date. Customers are allowed to sign 4 extensions per rolling 12 months.
How long do I have to pay my bill without being disconnected?
The Association may discontinue service for the non-payment of bills 5 days after providing delinquent notice.
Can I get my power turned on after hours or on weekends?
NEMEPA maintains 24-hour service for our members. Should you need assistance after hours or on a holiday, please call the office and follow the instructions carefully to report your problem. Customers requesting power to be connected after hours will be required to pay an overtime charge. View our Fees and Deposits page.
Once I pay my deposit, how long does it take to get the power turned on?
If your deposit is paid before 2 p.m., your power may be connected the same day. After 2 p.m., there will be an additional overtime service fee. View our Fees and Deposits page.
How long does it take to receive my refund check?
It takes 4 to 6 weeks to process the refund check after the account is disconnected.
Is it true that you offer a rebate for purchasing a hot water heater?
No, the rebate for hot water heaters ended September 30, 2019.
How much is the deposit?
View a detailed description on our Fees and Deposits page.
What if I don’t have all of the money for my deposit up front?
The entire amount of the membership, service fee, and deposit are required to be paid in advance with the exception of high-risk applicants. High-risk applicants may be allowed to pay a portion of the deposit over a period of time. This does not apply to all high-risk applicants. Please consult with the customer service representative when applying.
What’s the difference between levelized and budget billing?
Budget billing is a flat fee that you pay every month for a year, and at the end of that year, you have to settle your account with the company. Levelized billing is a 12 month rolling average of your electric usage. This helps to regulate your bill and keeps you from having drastic changes in the hot and cold months. View our Billing Options page. We do not offer budget billing.
Why does my power go out so often?
Power interruptions or blinks protect the lines and equipment as well as the general public. Common reasons for power outages are animals, lightning, high winds, vegetation, automobile accidents, and equipment failures. If you experience a high frequency of blinking lights, please call the office and report your problem. The cause of blinking lights is much harder to find and repair than a power outage.
Do you offer any discounts for senior citizens?
North East Mississippi Electric Power Association (NEMEPA) is a member-owned Cooperative regulated by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). TVA only allows rate adjustments based on the type of use: residential or commercial.
I paid a lot for my deposit, what will you do with it? Do I ever get it back?
Deposits are collected to protect the Association from losses due to uncollectable bills. The current policy only allows customers to get a portion of their “High Risk” deposit back, once they have demonstrated excellent payment history. All deposits collect interest to be paid when the account is closed.
When NEMEPA comes out to cut trees, do they clean it up?

North East Mississippi Electric Power Association (NEMEPA) maintains over 2,000 miles of line. Keeping the right-of-way cut back is very costly. When NEMEPA is clearing right-of-way, we make every attempt to clean up around customer’s homes and sensitive areas.

NEMEPA will assist customers who want or need trees cut within close proximity of the power line. Although we down the trees at no charge, NEMEPA will not clean up the debris.

Why is my bill so high?
If your home is completely electric, there are many ways to lower the cost of your bill. The first thing to look at is the efficiency of your heating/cooling systems. They can consume between 50% and 60% of your bill in the peak winter/summer months. Another thing that will affect your bill is the quality of insulation in your attic and walls. You can contact us about any questions in regards to metering at your home or concerns with improvements that could be done to save on your electric bill. View our Energy Saving Tips page.
Do you have meter readers to come out and read my meter?
With the automated metering system, North East Mississippi Electric Power Association (NEMEPA) reads all meters electronically. We do perform occasional verification checks and investigate reading problems.
What are your office hours?
Normal Business Hours

Monday through Thursday
7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

View additional office hours on our Contact Us page.

Can you change my due date?
To assist members on fixed incomes, North East Mississippi Electric Power Association (NEMEPA) offers a Coordinated Billing Program. The program allows qualifying members a choice of either the 5th or the 20th as the due date for their electric bills. View our Coordinated Billing Program (PDF).
How do I get to your office?
We are located in Oxford Mississippi at the intersection of Highway 7 and Highway 30.
View directions on our Contact Us page.