Residential Construction Requirements

All customers are required to apply for membership and pay a deposit. New construction applicants are required to visit our office for additional information.

Online applications are not available for new construction.  Please visit our office to complete your application.

Service Entrance & Meter

North East Mississippi Electric Power Association (NEMEPA) staking engineers will work with you to determine the location for the point of service and the metering equipment required. NEMEPA will supply the customer with a meter base at no charge. If a customer requires a combination box or an Add-a-Circuit, NEMEPA has those available for purchase.

Note: If you are building near a primary line, you should contact our office before performing any work! All structures must be located at a safe distance from power lines. The distance can range anywhere from 15 to 75 feet, depending on the voltage. Any home or mobile home built or located within this minimum distance will not be connected for service. The owner will have to, at his or her expense, relocate the structure.


Utility easements are required when the construction of new primary power lines is necessary. An easement is not required for service drops from an existing primary line. View our Easement Form (PDF) for more details.   

*** Please print each page of easement on a different sheet of paper. ***

Inspections & Permits

All wiring shall conform to the requirements of the National Electrical Code, and to state, municipal, and county inspection requirements. Where permits, inspections, and registrations are required by law, the applicant must provide NEMEPA with the documents showing such has been applied for, accepted, and inspected. Please check with local city and county building officials and inspectors to see what is required.

Engineering Diagrams

Temporary to Build

When power is needed for residential building construction, NEMEPA will connect single phase 120/240 volt temporary service. The temporary power pole, wiring, and equipment are to be supplied by the member or installed by your contractor, builder, or electrician. NEMEPA staking engineers will work with you to determine the best location for the temporary service. A service charge is required on all temporary service connections.

NEMEPA asks that you download a copy of our overhead or underground temporary diagrams to make sure that you meet all NEMEPA guidelines. Temporary services not meeting NEMEPA guidelines are subject to be rejected. Please contact our office if you have any questions.

Permanent Service



Fees for Overhead Primary to Permanent & Non-Permanent Residences

This is for general information only. NEMEPA fees, aid-in-construction amounts, and policy are subject to change. Please contact our office for any specific questions you may have.

Permanent Residences

The Association will install 500 feet of overhead primary line to any permanent residence at no charge. For line extensions requiring more than 500 feet of primary line, the applicant will be required to pay contribution of aid-in-construction based upon Rate Schedule 405(1) (PDF).

Non-Permanent Residence

For a customer requesting an overhead primary line to a Non-Permanent Residence, the customer shall be required to pay the contribution of aid-in-construction according to Rate Schedule 405(2) (PDF).

Mobile Home

All mobile homes will be required to pay the contribution of aid-in-construction based upon Rate Schedule 405(2).

Fees for Underground Primary Permanent & Non-Permanent Residences

On new services where the primary underground is requested by the customer, Association will decide if an underground primary is feasible. If it is feasible, the customer shall be required to pay the contribution to aid-in-construction according to Rate Schedule 405(5). Feasibility will be based on the required location of the underground line(s), possible maintenance problems in the future, and any other engineering and/or operational considerations deemed necessary by the Association.


For the contribution of aid-in-construction refer to Rate Schedule 405 (10)(11).

Commercial Development

Contact our Engineering Department at (662) 238-3160.