Commercial Construction Requirements

Requests for electric service to new residential developments, commercial, and industrial accounts should be made to our Engineering Department. North East Mississippi Electric Power Association (NEMEPA) staking engineers will gladly work with you on transformer locations, underground and primary overhead layouts, service entrance requirements, voltage requirements, and other specifications.

Basic construction requirements for commercial accounts are but not limited to:

  • Completed Development Form: The form gives contact information, the number of lots, building size, the voltage required, and other information necessary for North East’s Engineering Department to correctly specify transformer sizes and types so adequate power can be supplied.
  • Signed Easement Form (PDF)  *** Please print each page on a different sheet of paper. ***
  • Governing agency approved plat for all new subdivisions
  • A valid 911 Address, given to you by your county 911 coordinators office
  • The lot graded and a road pushed into location
  • Lot corners and service entrance location staked
  • Oxford city limits: Completed inspection
  • Marshall County: A copy of permit number

For information please contact our Engineering Department at (662)-238-3160.