NEMEPA Report Outage or Pay by Text

Must have:

  • Mobile number on account in “Mobile field”
  • E-check or Credit Card Payment Profile saved to make a payment
  • Must opt into Messaging Service

Not receiving text messages from NEMEPA — Text “JOIN” to “352667” and reply to message with “START”.
If you are receiving text messages from NEMEPA — Text “MENU” to “352667” to see options or text any option below.


  • HELP — Basic Information with contact information and how to opt “Out”
  • JOIN — Start the opt-in process
  • START — Opt-in confirmation
  • STOP — Quit receiving text messages from NEMEPA
  • BAL — Shows amount owed
    Prepay account — It will give them their Prepay balance. If they are Prepay and they
    are disconnected or pending disconnect, it will return the amount they need to pay
    to get or stay connected.
  • PAY — Make a payment using E-Check or Credit Card profile
  • OUTAGE — Enter an outage
  • MENU — List of commands
  • RESET — Allows you to reset the text session to start over again
  • CALL — Link to our phone number

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Accidentally deleted the welcome message
    • Send “START” to 352667
  • Opted out but want to start back
    • Send “JOIN” to 352667 and then reply to welcome message with “START”
  • Got a new cell number
    • Will need to be changed on your account. Will receive the welcome message unless already opted-in or out on another account with that number.