Reminder for Members Paying Online

Please remember when paying your NEMEPA electric bill online to do so from our secure website.  When doing an online search to pay your bill, make certain that it directs you to our official page. There are websites, not directly related to NEMEPA, which will take your payments.  However, that process usually delays the payment…Continue Reading

Scam Alert:

NEMEPA has been notified of a scam alert. Some of our Members have received phone calls from someone posing as a North East employee. This person is asking for additional money for a deposit to avoid disconnection of service. If you receive a call from someone requesting money for NEMEPA, please hang up and call…Continue Reading

NEMEPA Encourages Playing Safely

North East Mississippi Electric Power Association (NEMEPA) and other utilities are reminding players of Pokemon Go to stay away from electric substations, power plants, and other electric equipment. The new smartphone-based reality game sends players to real world places to “catch” Pokemon. Pokemon turn up everywhere-from grocery stores to hospitals. But they’re also appearing at…Continue Reading