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Persons requesting membership and service for a business or commercial account must present a valid government issued identification along with a picture ID for proper identification. Business and commercial accounts may be established using the principal’s name and social security number or the business name and a valid Federal Identification Number (FIN). A membership fee of $10.00 shall be collected from all members as well as a meter set charge of $40.00. New connects can be worked the same day as requested as long as the applicant requests it before 2 PM. Persons requesting power after 2 PM will be required to pay a $80.00 meter set charge for same day service.

North East Mississippi Electric Power Association requires all persons applying for service to a business or commercial account to complete an application. Existing customers desiring additional locations established using the same Name and Membership must also fill out an application.

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All customers are required to have a membership and deposit.  Please refer to Customer Fees & Deposits – Business.

Note if renting, a lease agreement may be required.

Persons Applying for Residential

New Construction Requirements for Residential

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